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World Of Tanks CrewSkillInformer Mod (v.0.1)

Mod "CrewSkillInformer" is a pretty small mod that gives you an opportunity to check any time in a battle what kind of crew you carry in your tank.

In more details: whenever you press the "Backspace" key on your keyboard, the skill and perks inform panel willl appear. Informations are grouped by crew member role. Skills and perks are visualized as a WoT icons. Percentage shows the level of last skill/perk.

Mod is in beta version (0.1), so it can generate errors. I have tested it but I don't give any guarantee.

For any bugs/ideas/info about this mod, please feel free to write: voytello (at) gmail (dot) com


1. Firs of all backup (!!!) your mods directory (e.g. C:\World_of_Tanks\res_mods).
2. Download zipped CrewSkillInformer mod from the one of above mirrors.
3. Execute archive and put all files to the directory of World Of Tanks (e.g. C:\World_of_Tanks\)

Development next steps:
- full configuration (activation key, positon on window)
- add information about tank equipment/modules (configurable)

3 komentarze:

  1. Can never remember if my commanders has 6th sense - with this I know now - Thanks.
    Is there any way to configure the order in which the crew is shown. I would like commander to be on top always.

    1. check new version. crew's order fixed.