środa, 4 marca 2015

World Of Tanks CrewSkillInformer Mod (v.0.2)

(!!!) New version (0.2) now available.(!!!)

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PERMANENT MODE, it is a Key-Activation Mod

What's new:
- added user configuration of mod's activation key
- added user configuration of mod's position section


1. First of all, please  backup (!!!) your mods directory (e.g. C:\World_of_Tanks\res_mods).
2. Download zipped CrewSkillInformer mod from one of mirrors (see Download section).
3. Execute archive and put all files to the directory of World Of Tanks (e.g. C:\World_of_Tanks\)

Configuration (after installation):
1. Go to directory of World of Tanks (e.g. C:\World_of_Tanks\)
2. Then go deep into mods directory "res_mods\0.9.6\scripts\client\mods\CrewSkillInformer\"
3. Edit file "CrewSkillInformerConfig.json":
  •  "ActivationKey" - here you set the keyboard key you want to activate the mod info panel; default value is "KEY_BACKSPACE"; you can also choose one of these:

  • "PositionMode" - here you set the position of mode in window; default value is "DEFAULT"; all options are:

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